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Before you start your new home search

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

You can make any house a home, but what does it take for your home to become your sanctuary?

1. Determine your budget - The best place to start is by finding out your budget. Government guidelines are 28% of your income for housing with a total of 36% total debt to income ratio.

2. Meet with a banking professional to get preapproved or find out any necessary steps to prepare financially and what programs may be available to you.

3. What is your ideal wish list?

4. What is your list of must-haves?

5. What are your preferred locations or boundaries around the areas that you will consider

6. What size of home, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, master suites, or multi-levels do you require?

7. Are you open to renovations?

8. What type of home do you desire Single-family, townhouse, or condo etc?

9. Do you have a preference of style home: ie farmhouse, colonial, tudor, ramber, craftsman or cottage among a few ?

10. Do you want to be close to school, shopping, parks, or work?

11. Do you want to have acreage, water views, water access or live in a community?

12. Do you have a current home to sell? If so, what items need to be addressed prior to listing?

13. When do you want to move?

Any other details that you would like to share with your agent, this can help narrow your search, but remember that this might eliminate other options by making your criteria to narrow.

Other things to consider are neighborhoods, schools and closeness to desired activities. Before submitting an offer, go by different hours of the day and do your due diligence to research the area using various crime websites to check crime reports/statistics, school ratings and last but not least visit with your future neighbors.

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