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What Is Your Design Style?


So many ideas and trends that it can be hard to know which you prefer over another.'

Let’s begin to define by eliminating ones that you do not like. Do you prefer clean lines of contemporary or modern styles? Or do you prefer a cozier style with soft finishes? This determines a lot of the styles that you may tend to gravitate more to.

For instance, modern or contemporary styles prefer cleaner more minimalist interiors, where less is definitely more, others may prefer, cottage chic with more whatnots, candles and warm throws to accent their spaces.

Whether you lean to any of the following styles: Rustic, industrial, retro, modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, traditional, eclectic, boho, cottage, farmhouse, shabby chic, or urban, you may want to consider a few notions.

First, take into consideration these few things. What will the home be used for? Vacation, residence or rental property - in which case you want to appeal to the most people. Then, take into consideration the use of the room, for instance, a family room you would want to be warmer and inviting, whereas, a formal living room, would tend to be more proper.

Then, what are your inspirations; nature, ocean, ranch style, southwestern, ski lodge, India, Thailand, Morocco, Bali?

Lastly, what colors do you gravitate to? Perhaps your inspirations lend themselves to a particular set of colors, for instance, nature = wood tones or green like foliage, ocean with shades of white and blues.

There are so many styles that it may be too much to ask for just one. Let's take a look at some different styles.

You may choose to be either formal or informal in your style, or a combination of several styles. What brings you joy, may not bring someone else joy, so the bottom line is, your home only has to make you and your family happy. If you are trying to sell your home however, that is a whole different story, see previous articles on my blog.


Although I am not a professional designer and this is just my opinion, sticking with a consistent inspiration brings a cohesive feel throughout your entire home. Furthermore, you are able to interchange different furnishings within each room to freshen your look.

Happy decorating.

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