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Tips for a Stress Free Home

Want to make your home more soothing and inviting or just stress-free?

Create a retreat you will love by:

· Creating niches with comfortable seating and pillows

· Incorporate soft lighting by adding up-lighting around plants, under cabinet lighting, candles or installed dimmers to create a warm and inviting space

· Have inviting scents by adding candles, diffusers, incense, or plug-ins to create a pleasing aroma

· Invite nature inside with plants and other natural elements

· Carefully placed items that remind you of your favorite places or trips

· Soothing warm tones or subdued colors create a relaxing and inviting space

· Incorporate white noise such as a subtle water feature and/or other sounds of nature

· Add a beverage center such as coffee, wine or spirits bar

· Create an outdoor retreat with comfortable seating, ie, hammock, lounge or other seating

· Curate a comfy reading nook in an unused corner of your home with favorite books and a soft blanket

· Smart homes with built-in speakers, automated lighting, appliances, thermostats, and cameras can alleviate stress while at work or away on travel

· Add storage and seating at an entrance for storage of shoes, coats and backpacks or briefcases so that all is removed and stowed away upon entrance to your home

Creating a sanctuary can be a simple or elaborate process depending on your needs. A little prep and organization can free your space of clutter and bring a little extra Zen to your life.

A place for everything, everything in its place.

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