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Summer can brutal

As your electric bill starts to climb, we can make slight, or sometimes larger adjustments to lower our cooling costs.

But there are ways to stay cool as the temperature rises.

Some slight adjustments can be as simple as:

· Turning on or purchasing oscillating fans

· Installing ceiling fans in larger rooms

· Dress in looser fitting or more breathable clothing

· Closing off rooms that aren't in use

· Relocate your office or bedrooms to a basement or lower floors as hotter air rises

· Sealing around all leaks by caulking windows

· Installing weather stripping around doors

· Taking cooler showers to lower your temperature

· Cooking your meals outside on the grill, not only synonymous with summer but it keeps the heat out of the house

· Take a dip in a pool or run through a sprinkler like a 4-year-old, not only is it fun, but it is extremely refreshing

· Adjust the temperature when you aren't home by a few degrees

· Maintaining clean filters and servicing on your A/C can help your current unit work more optimally

· Keep a handy cooling rag around your neck

Some more drastic measures include:

· Installing more efficient windows or light filtering screens

· Install an automatic thermostat like a nest

· Plant trees that will provide a little shade

· Install awnings or darkening window treatments

· Take it a step further by installing more insulation in your attic

· Install a more efficient A/C unit

· Install solar power to help offset the costs of electricity

Larger investments can have larger returns and longer payoffs. You will truly need to evaluate how long you intend on staying in your home. If the adjustments will entice more buyers. Will the addition be a selling feature, or an eyesore.

It is best to speak with a real estate professional to see if the investment will pay off in the long run or be a hindrance.

Psst, I know a hard-working agent that would love to help you on your journey, that's me. Feel free to email or text me.

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