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Simple Home Information Center

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Simple and Easy Message Board

Here is a quick and easy home command center for reminders, events and grocery lists, all in one place.

First, you want it to be in a location where everyone can see it and use it. Where else does each and every person in your home gravitate to each day? Yes, that's right, THE REFRIGERATOR.

When you need everyone to be on the same page, you can create a simple and economical note board with items purchased at your local hobby store.

I used a simple whiteboard film that I had purchased previously for another project idea and just trimmed it to the size you need. I then trimmed the outline with decorative duct tape. I used a previously purchased package of dry erase markers in multiple colors which you can use to identify different categories, if you're that organized.

This was a super easy solution that won't damage your refrigerator, or dare I say, actually protects it from scratches, especially if you use magnets to secure additional photos, messages, or calendars.

Shown left, is a whiteboard where I put reminders as well as grocery items I need to purchase on my next trip to the store. It's super easy for someone to add an item when they have just used the last of it.

Below I used chalkboard film, also available at your hobby stores, and finished it with again the decorative duct tape. I bought chalk pencils from the art department section of Michael's or Hobby Lobby for sharper lines.

On the chalkboard, I've posted inspirational quotes and our dinner menus for the week, this helps me remember meals that I want to create this week.

This probably cost me less than one simple whiteboard at Walmart and you have extra to share with others or to use in other clever projects.

This is also helpful when I need to run errands and don't want to forget something. It's as simple as a quick photo before I run out the door, or a photo from your spouse or children.

This has truly simplified my life and I hope you find this helpful too!

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