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What a year in 2020.....for real estate

Who would have thought when 2020 began and we were toasting to a new year for prosperity, wealth, and happiness that it would have been so turbulent. Well, that is just how the cookie crumbles I suppose and we all learned how to cope with it in some fashion. From where I am sitting we either gained weight or momentum to better ourselves, I can attest to both.

As it turns out this has been a surprisingly good year for real estate and for those that are looking to sell, this is an awesome time to get the most out of your investment as this is a seller's market, however, if you are looking to purchase you have probably come up against some roadblocks due in part to a lack of homes available.

Here are the numbers for Maryland Housing statistics for all of 2020 overall and by county, if you are interested, I have attached for all of 2020 and for the 1st month of January 2021.

If you are thinking of selling, I would be happy to consult with you regarding selling your home or if you desire to purchase.

Wishing all a healthy and blessed remainder of the year.


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