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Important information for Saint Mary's County

New to the area, looking for a new home, area events, housing developments, school information and so much more, look no further.

Being informed and empowered whenever you need the information is essential and with this post, it will be at your fingertips. Below you will find helpful information such as demographics, income, crime, public services, and more about lovely, St. Mary's county. You will find important links and useful resources to help you in your relocation or move into or out of St. Mary's county.

When we first moved here, I would have loved to have all this information in one area and easily accessible.

Quick facts on St. Mary's County in the census:

Looking for a job, new career, employer, or looking to start a new business?

If so, I listed several links to help you. St. Marys county has a lot to offer. Below is a more detailed report on the area's economics and demographics, its employers, and a lot more, this will give you a much better picture of our county. The county has prepared this 26-page document, see the link provided below.

Below is one more interactive link with access to a breakdown by block or city can be found here.

Looking to volunteer? Below are a couple of links to opportunities to volunteer in your new community.

Need Local Utility Providers Information? See the shortlist below and a more detailed provider list embedded below for you to easily download.

43920 Airport View Drive

Hollywood, MD 20636

877-959-4862 FAX: 301-373-3757

Hollywood, MD 20636

301-373-2131 301-375-7311

175 Main Street Prince Frederick, MD 20678

410-535-1600 x2329 FAX: (410) 414-2498

La Plata, MD 20646

301-645-0624 301-870-2542 FAX: 301-885-1313

15035 Burnt Store Road P. O. Box 1937 Hughesville, MD 20637-1937

1-888-440-3311 1-877-74-SMECO (outages) FAX: 301-274-0086

St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission (METCOMM) Water and Sewer

23121 Camden Way California, MD 20619


954-6260 (English) 954-6250 (Spanish)

Local phone service for Southern Maryland.

Looking for a place to eat, somewhere to go, or possibly an event?

Follow the provided link to access: Local things to Do, Events, Places to Stay, and dining:

Looking for information regarding planning, zoning, permits?

The department of Land Use & Growth Management can potentially share information on permits, land use, and more.

Department of Land Use & Growth Management

23150 Leonard Hall Drive

Leonardtown, MD 20650

Box 653, Leonardtown, MD 20650

Phone: 301-475-4200 ext. 71500

Main Fax 301-475-4635

Permits Fax 301-475-4672

Inspections Fax 301-475-4084

Office Hours Staff is available to assist you Monday thru Friday 8 AM - 5 PM, appointments are not required but highly recommended.

Permits Counter Hours Monday & Thursday 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Have concerns about the neighborhood?

If you are looking to settle into a neighborhood and you aren't familiar with below are a couple of websites that can assist you in getting a better idea of the neighborhood.

St. Mary’s County Public Schools

23160 Moakley Street

Leonardtown, MD 20650

St. Mary's School report cards. Here is a link to find the local schools and their report cards.

Sex Offenders:


Crime Reports

Other Helpful Information to have is listed below.

St Mary's County Health Department

21580 Peabody St, Leonardtown, MD 20650 Phone: (301) 475-4330

St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks

23150 Leonard Hall Dr, Leonardtown, MD 20650

301-475-4200 ext. 71800

Director: Arthur Shepherd

Saint Mary's Public Library

Leonardtown Library

Lexington Park Library

Emergency Services 911, reporting 311

Below are links to obtain up to date information


MedStar St. Mary's Hospital

25500 Point Lookout Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650

St. Mary's Animal Control

Mon- Fri 7:00 am to 4:00 pm call 301-475-8018.

For an animal control emergency after hours please call 301-475-8016.

Saint Marys County Departments and contact information

Contact Directory

St. Mary's County Government

P. O. Box 653 - 41770 Baldridge Street

Leonardtown, MD 20650


Commissioners of St. Mary's County

James R. Guy 301-475-4200 x*1350

Eric Colvin 301-475-4200 x*1354

Michael L. Hewitt 301-475-4200 x*1350

John E. O'Connor 301-475-4200 x*1350

Todd B. Morgan 301-475-4200 x*1350

County and Other Agencies

Aging & Human Services 301-475-4200 x*1050

Alcohol Beverage Board 301-475-7844 x*1600

Animal Control 301-475-8018 or after hrs. 301-475-8016

Assessments & Taxation


Board of Appeals 301-475-4200 x*1523

Building Services 301-475-4200 x*1150

Channel 95 301-475-4200 x*1342

Circuit Court of St. Mary's County 301-475-7844

Construction & Inspections 301-475-4200 x*3531

County Administrator 301-475-4200 x*1321

County Airport 301-475-4200 x*3565

County Attorney 301-475-4200 x*1700

County Commissioners 301-475-4200 x*1350


County Highways 301-475-4200 x*3540

County Transit System 301-475-4200 x*1120 or x*1121

County Treasurer 301-475-4472 x*3300

Detention Center 301-475-4200 x*3200

Development Review 301-475-4200 x*1522

Economic Development 301-475-4200 x*1400

Elections 301-475-7844 x*1613

Emergency Services 301-475-4200 x72121

Engineering Services 301-475-4200 x*3565

Ethics Commission 301-475-4200 x*1700

Finance 301-475-4200 x*1203

GIS - Mapping 301-475-4200

Health Department 301-475-4330

Housing Authority 301-866-6590 x*1434

Human Resources 301-475-4200 x*1100

Information Technology 301-475-4200 x*1007

Land Use & Growth Management 301-475-4200 x*1500

Main 301-475-4200 x*1001

Water and Sewer 301-737-7400,

Planning Commission 301-475-4200 ext 71707

Public Information Office 301-475-4200 x*1340

Public Library 301-475-2846

Public Notices 301-475-4200 x*1340

Public Schools Central Administration 301-475-5511

Public Works & Transportation 301-475-4200 x 73510

Recreation and Parks 301-475-4200 x*1812

Register of Wills 301-475-5566

Sheriff's Office 301-475-4040

Social Services 240-895-7000

Soil Conservation District 301-475-8402 x*3

States Attorney 301-475-7844 x*4500

STS Transit 301-475-4200 x*1120 or x*1121

Transportation Services 301-475-4200 x*1122

University of Maryland Extension 301-475-4482

Volunteer Boards, Committees & Commissions

301-475-4200 x*1700

Going on Vacation? Below are some ideas and reference tools to consider.

  • Stop your mail and package deliveries.

  • Inform a trustworthy and reliable neighbor

  • Install a Ring or Nest Doorbell or some other surveillance camera

  • Have someone visit or stay at your home to ensure no water pipes burst or leak, or any other disaster strikes while you are gone.

  • Prepare a Medical release

If you are going to be leaving the immediate area and lucky enough to have parents, in-laws, or friends house sitting or babysitting in your absence, its best to be prepared by leaving a useful list of city numbers, preferred contractors who may already know your home, friends or neighbors names and contact numbers in the event they may be needed to assist in an emergency.

More important items to consider are where GFI breaker resets are located, emergency panels, water disconnects, alarm codes, and of course not essential but how to use the remotes. It is also important to have local schools' numbers and teacher names, homework, sleep schedules or dietary concerns, any medications, and primary doctors' contacts that are easily available.

Another essential item not to forget is a signed authorization for medical treatment in your absence. Although these items may be on your mind already, they important not to forget.

Being prepared has its advantages, see other helpful resources and lists at

Last but not least, our elected officials


Larry Hogan

State House

100 State Circle

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

410.974.3901 (p)

Toll-Free 1.800.811.8336

TDD 410.333.3098

MD Relay 1.800.201.7165


Boyd Rutherford

State House

100 State Circle

Annapolis, MD 21401


410.974.3901 (p)

MD Relay 1.800.201.7165


Peter Franchot

Comptroller of Maryland

80 Calvert Street

P. O. Box 466

Annapolis, MD 21401-0466

(410) 260-7801, 1-800-552-3941


Brian E. Frosh

Office of the Attorney General

200 St. Paul Place

Baltimore, MD 21202

(410) 576-6300 or 1 (888) 743-0023


Benjamin L. Cardin

509 Hart Senate Office Building,

Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-4524

Chris Van Hollen

110 Hart Senate Office Building,

Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-4654


Steny H. Hoyer

1705 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515

202-225-4131, FAX 202-225-4300



Jack Bailey

2W Miller Senate Office Bldg.

11 Bladen Street

Annapolis, MD 21401-1991

410-841-3673 or 301-858-3673


Matt Morgan

317 House Office Bldg.

6 Bladen Street

Annapolis, MD 21401-1991

301-858-3054 or 410-841-3054


Brian M. Crosby

319 House Office Bldg.

6 Bladen Street Annapolis, MD 21401-1911

301-858-3277 or 410-841-3277



House Office Building, Room 303

6 Bladen St.,

Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 841-3314, (301) 858- 3314

1-800-492-7122, ext. 3314 (toll free)

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