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Going Green with Solar Panels

The importance of reducing energy as well as producing it.

Image by Polina Chistyakova

There is a lot of buzz around solar energy and production by means of lowering energy bills and reducing our dependence on outside resources. This article suggests that everyone can reduce the amount of energy required to support your home and office. Reduce before your produce. Another words, the primary focus should first be reducing your energy consumption.

Comfort Adjustments

Outside this article, I suggest that we first take a look at your thermostat, can you adjust the temperature a few degrees higher in the summer and a few degrees lower in the winter? Additionally, install a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature based on habits and schedules.

Habit Adjustments

At home is everyone on individual devices or in separate rooms? Why not implement a game night, or enjoying the shared responsibility to cook dinner a couple of nights a week. Instead of watching TV separately why not watch together, or grab a book and read together. As a family you could go to the park or for a walk together outside. There are a plethora of ideas and other family activities to do.

Reduce, Recycle or Reuse

Using items that you have on hand to recycle into projects, gifts or useful items to be used in a new and unique way. Reducing the number of items in our landfill.


This is another way to make sure that needless compostable items do not sit in our landfills for decades to come. It's easy to do even if you have limited space, I have created a compost bin for $15 out of a 30-gallon trash can, and we live in one of an 8-unit townhome.

The main takeaway from the article, "Building a Green Home? Focus on Reducing Energy First", by Gina Rautenberg, November 14, 2019. Are three steps for building high-performance homes, Below are the highlights, to read the entire article follow this link:

1) Insulation and Ventilation. Creating a thermal envelope by adding insulation and proper ventilation.

2) Selecting right-sized mechanicals. Making sure to select the right HVAC, furnace, water heating, appliances, and lighting.

3) Produce energy with solar and renewables. Solar panels can be added to an existing home with battery storage. Orientation and location can be a factor.

Below are some local companies that are available in our area for you to investigate if you choose to reduce your energy bills by adding solar.

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