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Creating a Space for Work and Study

Tips for creating a functional office and/or homeschooling space within your home.

With what appears to be another ramp-up of Covid-19 lockdown, at least in Maryland we again find ourselves in Phase 1. Now might be a great time to rethink your workspace and/or homeschooling space. I have seen some pretty inventive solutions for offices and home-schooling spaces inside homes that I’ve sold and toured during these last 9 months.

Not everyone has the funds or space as the delightful image below, but if you are struggling with either, here are some ideas/images that will hopefully inspire you. Read further for other helpful tips as we begin to cope with this continued season of lockdown.

Covid goals home office
Inspiration home office

Dedicate an area of your home. Perhaps that is a spare bedroom, an extra living space, basement, alcove, or niche. This area is to be a specific office where only work or study can take place. By limiting distractions you will be able to focus and increase your productive time.

Create a workspace within that dedicated space. Having an adequate work/study surface such as a desk, table, or countertop specific for each task. If funds are limited you can find ways to shop through on-line yard/garage sales, local flea market to find filing cabinets or desks on the cheap, and then personalizing it to make it your own. Simply placing a surface such as a piece of plywood on top of two filing cabinets can provide a workspace and storage.

Let’s not forget to add a comfortable chair that is the proper height proportionately to the height of the desk. The average desk height is 28-30” and the chair should then be 16-21” in height.

Internet. You may want to make sure that the intranet is appropriate in speed and carries to the appropriate area of your home. You can check with your providers regarding the number of devices that will be using the internet and types of usage required such as multiple devices using wifi and video at the same time. To check the speed of your current intranet go to; You may also want to purchase a wifi extender to ensure your reach to the selected area of the home.

Storage space. Try looking online, flea markets, thrift stores for file cabinets, bookshelves, and other storage containers, you may be able to find that someone else’s problem may be your solution. This was definitely the case for me, I sold a solid wood, sturdy computer hutch with matching bookshelves for a mere $125 so that I could make space for an office system that truly worked for me in the space that I had available.

Having appropriate storage for each focused area will make life a little easier; study area (pencils, colors, paper, printer, computer, etc, and workspace ie, computer, monitor(s), keyboards, a backdrop for video, printer, lighting, etc.

What’s the saying, “space for everything and everything in its space”, this is an old saying but truer words have not been spoken. One of my pet peeves is taking 10+ minutes to look for a 3-second task. Grrr, ask my children, I must have bought 12 pairs of scissors and had locations all through the house. I have preached this all throughout their growing up.

Proper lighting. This is a no brainer but worth mentioning. There should be plenty of bright light to ensure that all avoid any additional eye strain.

Hope this helps you cope with MORE 2020 shenanigans by being a little more prepared for what our future is sure to bring.

If your home no longer works for you, now may be the time to consider a more suitable sanctuary. Homes are bringing larger profits due to the shortage of homes available and, additionally, homes are selling in days, not months. Looking for a qualified agent that has your best interests at heart, I am your girl!

Keep your chins up, this too shall pass. Wishing you all love and light! #getyourlifetogether #realestategoals #toprealtor #marylandrealtor #realtorlife


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