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Brass is Back

Like everything, what is old is new again.

Below find some inspirational pieces and images to find inspiration in decorating with gold tones in your home.

I know that we all have heard it before, but truly less is more.

Some find it hard to know exactly where to draw the line on limits in decoration. We all have or have had that relative that has now or in the past an interest in farm animals and eventually there running rampant all through the house. Below are a few examples of minimal influences with brass or gold accents. Like everything else, this too shall pass so rather than investing major dollars, find ways of refreshing your current look by incorporating small pieces into your current style.

Below are a individual items that can be brought in to update your decor.

Consider the following:

  • Downplay the number of items, or there will be a tendency to be overdone

  • Mix in other metal tones to add interest; black, rose gold, or silver will pair nicely

  • Consider how long you will want to keep these items. Unless you intend on keeping the items for some time, it is best to not to devote a huge budget on them.

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