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4 Outdoor Home Trends for 2021

With all the staying at home to avoid Covid many homeowners are enjoying their property’s outdoor space more during the pandemic, and house hunters are paying particular attention to outdoor features as they evaluate homes to purchase. Landscape design firm Tilly Design predicts the top trends for outdoor space in 2021. If you are looking to sell in 2021, think of incorporating one or more of the following aspects to your home to interest more buyers.

1. “Social” front yards. You can still bond with neighbors while observing social distancing guidelines. Maximizing the front porch or front yard, where you can communicate with neighbors from a distance, likely will become an even bigger trend next year. “In an effort to maximize your property and feel more connected to neighbors, social front yards will continue to be a priority,” Tilly Design’s forecast notes. “Move over hedges, and move in bistro seating and chairs to watch the neighbors pass you by.”

2. Enhancing seasonal views. Outdoor views are increasingly important as people spend more time at home. Leafless trees don’t make for an inviting view, even in the winter. Expect homeowners to pay greater attention to their seasonal views, creating focal points outside the window that combine evergreens, perennials, and ornamental grasses. It’s an effort to showcase green surroundings all year.

3. Gardening spots. Homeowners are turning to gardening as a therapeutic pastime. Even in small areas, vertical outdoor gardens can not only serve as a great hobby but also as a statement piece, Tilly Design's report notes. Veggies, fruit, and herb gardens are in high demand. Raised garden beds and potted herbs will continue to trend in 2021, the landscaping company notes.

4. Seamless indoor and outdoor spaces. Emphasizing a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors likely will continue to drive renovation concepts in 2021, the report notes. This could include installing large sliding or folding glass doors, drop-down screens on the porch, outdoor heating lamps, and outdoor fire pits. This will help homeowners enjoy their outdoor spaces more anytime of the year.

You don't have to spend a mint to develop a tranquil and cozy spot outdoors either, I lived in a house off a busy road with little to no back yard and I developed a little alcove that couldn't be used for anything else. The location was behind the garage and beside the house, a little hard work proved to be a rewarding and successful endeavor. In that location, I added a small koi pond with a fountain, two Adirondack chairs, a chiminea, and a few plants, and voila, instant zen.

Source: “2021 Landscape Trend Forecast by Tilly,” Tilly-Design.com (Dec. 4, 2020)

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