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12 Benefits of Having A Realtor Sell Your Home

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Did you know? Homes listed with an agent tend to sell for 25% more than For Sale by Owners, *$200,000 versus $265,000 with a realtor, according to NAR statistics in 2018.

1) Realtors will get you the highest return for your investment.

2) Listing your home with a realtor can ensure that your home is exposed to more buyers.

3) Your agent is invested to see that you find a buyer in the shortest amount of time.

4) Realtor/Agents coordinate inspections, repairs, showings.

5) Agent host broker open houses and buyer open houses.

6) Realtor invest in quality photography to ensure that the best representation of your home is available to potential buyers.

7) Your agent invests time and resources to create marketing brochures and signage.

8) Your agent invests in marketing your home multiple avenues: on-line, and through various websites, and social sites.

10) Your realtor can foresee problems that may arise before they become a problem.

11) Your realtor can make sure that you have qualified buyers.

12) We will access the appropriate listing price to ensure that you get more exposure to the maximum potential buyers.

*Most difficult tasks for FSBO sellers

1) Getting the right price, 17%

2) Understanding and performing paperwork, 12%

3)Selling within the planned length of time 5%

4) Preparing/fixing up the home for sale 8%

5) Having enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale: 3%

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